Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I'm Back!

Well I am back! Sorry so long, but I have been through HELL! It snowed the day after I got here, and there was a STATE OF EMERGENCY! I was snowed in for a few days and unable to get to the clinic for monitoring. Luckily a wonderful "webfriend" from an ivf board came to rescue me and got me to the clinic on today! I hadn't been monitored in 3 days! There were 22 measurable follies with 9 smaller ones. To one of the nurses surprise they DID NOT have me trigger today.. I go back for more b/w and u/s tomorrow and hopefully will trigger then. I am really starting to feel the pain from my ovaries.. I feel like I have bowling balls in my tummy! I will let ya know how tomorrow goes. Say a prayer that I get to trigger!

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