Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Another step forward

Well I have bronchitis, and I will live! LOL... I have an update on the surrogacy front. I talked to a great local therapist that I take a family member to, and he can AND will perform the MMPI for me! I am so happy about that! I didn't want to have to drive 2 hours for a looong test, thats alot to put on my surrogate for a short trip so local testing is such a blessing! I will be seeing Janene in 4 DAYS! I am soo excited! Haven't heard from my lawyer lately so I think I will call him to get a status on things... That's about it for now.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Thank you! E-BAY

I know its been a few days but EBAY has consumed my life! LOL.. I have been selling things left and right! I am so glad too, because all extra money goes to the "Baby Fund".. Well its official......WE ARE GOING TO SEE JANENE! I am so excited, I can hardly wait, we are leaving in 7 days! I have two other special friends (You know who you are) that live in Georgia as well, so I will be going to visit them too! I am so looking forward to this trip. This is the first time the wonderful hubby and kids and I are getting away together since last year, so its time anyway.. Wow I hope we all really get along great like we do on the phone! Its always weird meeting for the first time, but I am sure it will all be ok. I will keep ya posted on the trip!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Can't sleep AGAIN

Yes, I am still up, thankfully this time it isn't from stress! My allergies are kickin my hiney! so I am all stuffed up in the head and with a runny nose, yeah I know TMI, sorry! Things are quiet on the surrogacy front, I have to continue charting my ovulation with the OPK, so this oughta be fun fun!! Gotta go stock up on those, and pregnancy test for when we have the transfer! (I am sooo optimistic!)I only talked to Janene for a hot second today, I am so busy from selling things on EBAY! I am doing so good, I hope to keep it up! For those of you who want to take a gander at my wares,LOL my name is 1stop_shopper! Maybe I have something you want, who knows??? Well I am gonna go and attempt sleep again, maybe I will have success this time...

Monday, August 23, 2004

Consult with the RE

I had my meeting with the RE today, and let me say I LOVE HIM!!! He reassured me on so many levels and now I really cant wait to get started! He said my chances are about 60% since I am using a surrogate, and a 50% chance of a take home baby. I thought those were good chances. He gave me a tour of the place, and talked to for about 2 hrs! He answered all of my questions and had ideas for the protocol for me to use for optimal success. I cant wait to get started! I want to cycle NOW! The bad news is since we aren't starting until next year, he doesn't need to see Janene until a few months before so she isn't coming here until January! WAAAAH! We may try to get her out here earlier just for a visit, or maybe we will go to GA?? I will think about this some more, and let you all know what we decide!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Today was a good day

Well alot has happened in the last 2 days. My sister offered to be our surrogate. This is a huge deal. I have been going through IVF now for a few years, so I never expected to hear those words from her. Ultimately, we decided not to use her, and continue with our surrogate, for several reasons. And yes, I did share this with my surrogate, and she was ok, especially since there isn't any bad news for her!!!! :-). I saw my lawyer today, and we came to an agreement that we both can live with, and thanks to another wonderful surro I think we are on easy street from here on out as far as delivery and insurance, now we just gotta make it to TESTING, and MY FSH! EEK! I go in Monday to see the RE, wish me luck and lots of prayers guys!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Stressing Over Decisions

Felt the need to post although I don't have much to report at this time. I talked to my lawyer today and I asked if the rough draft is ready for me to review. I am hoping to hear back from him tomorrow sometime. I also have a few other things going on but I will talk more about that later. I did sell some items on ebay today, and I have a bunch more listed so that is cool.. As I said I am gonna post more as I have more to tell. Hopefully I will have good news by the end of this week.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Could this be it?

Well Janene and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning researching insurance options. A broker emailed us and gave us a few options, 2 were the medical health cards. We researched one of these further and we are almost positive that we are gonna go with that one! It has great coverage and covers some meds that we would need as well as a few IVF doctors, I am actually thinking of getting it for myself! We still are going to talk to the maternity card people as well as the people here to weigh our options, but things are looking promising today. So, now we wait to talk to these people tomorrow and then we wait to hear from the lawyer and we are good to go! I have my consult with the RE on the 23rd, and after I find out how they do things, I will book Janene's flight to come here! WOOOHOOO, so we will be meeting next month, I am sooo excited! Wish us luck with all of the steps in process!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Nothing New

Well nothing new to report today, just want to get in the habit of updating each day. I haven't talked to Janene yet today but I am sure I will later... It's a nice day here today, so I think maybe the kids and I will go on a bike ride.. I hope Janene and her crew are fairing better than the other day with the hurricane. I will update more later...

can't Sleep

I got an email from the lawyer saying he is working on my contract this weekend and he would call me when he had a draft for me! WOOOOHOOOOO! That makes me sooo happy... For some reason I cannot sleep tonight... I am very positive that Janene is "the ONE" for us, but the road ahead seems sooo bumpy that I just don't know how we are gonna make it to the end.. She is so wonderful about supporting me and cheering me up when I start to despair. She said as much trouble as we are having with the insurance and all the bumps in general that we are gonna have the easiest pregnancy ever! From her mouth to God's ears..... OK I am gonna try to get some sleep, I have a busy day ahead of me! Nite all!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Contracts and lawyers

On the contract issues, things were a mess (notice I said WERE). We had to decide if we wanted Neeners (my nickname for her) to deliver in GA or TX. We ultimately went with TX for several reasons. The main one is that GA law isn't that great for surrogacy. TX on the other hand is awesome. Also the contract phase is MUCH easier here, we don't have to have lawyers in different states and then have them do birth orders, we will have all that taken care of once we sign contracts here. Getting a lawyer to be on the same page as us was another story. Most didn't understand that we agreed and there was no need for negotiations, then there was the no insurance we aren't comfortable with the what if's of that. It was too hard to write all that in a contract I guess. So I prayed alot and leaned on Janene and my wonderful friends from a great support group (HI HENS!!!) and the answer to my prayers appeared. He is a wonderful lawyer that is local to me and can you guess what his last name is?? ANGEL! How cool is that??!!!?? So he is hard at work on the contracts, and we are hard at work looking for insurance...We have heard good things so far about the maternity card and different medical health plan cards but we don't want to get scammed so we are both researching those and still looking into traditional insurance... Keep us in your prayers that we find something good! Til next time..

Saturday, August 7, 2004

Oldest son's birthday Pretty Close huh!

Today is my oldest son's birthday. He is 11 years old. He was 5 days shy of 2 when his brother made his entrance into this world. As much as I tried I couldn't get him to really like his brother,LOL.... He did like to use him as a speed bump and to play wrestling with him even though he was just a few months old. I look back in amazement on how much he has grown up and how he now fiercely protects his little brother. In this past year he has matured a lot, and he has already hit that preteen stage, I shudder to think about the little girls that will soon darken my door wanting him to take them out... They cant have my baby! :-D

Monday, August 2, 2004

My baby's birthday

Today is my youngest son's birthday. He is 9 years old. Where does the time go?? It seems like just yesterday I was walking the birthing center trying to give birth.... It is also my mom's birthday, some gift huh? I was lucky enough to have her with me on this day. She told me not to have the baby on her birthday, but I couldn't resist *wink wink* I am so proud of the little man he is growing up to be.

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