Monday, August 23, 2004

Consult with the RE

I had my meeting with the RE today, and let me say I LOVE HIM!!! He reassured me on so many levels and now I really cant wait to get started! He said my chances are about 60% since I am using a surrogate, and a 50% chance of a take home baby. I thought those were good chances. He gave me a tour of the place, and talked to for about 2 hrs! He answered all of my questions and had ideas for the protocol for me to use for optimal success. I cant wait to get started! I want to cycle NOW! The bad news is since we aren't starting until next year, he doesn't need to see Janene until a few months before so she isn't coming here until January! WAAAAH! We may try to get her out here earlier just for a visit, or maybe we will go to GA?? I will think about this some more, and let you all know what we decide!

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