Friday, August 13, 2004

Contracts and lawyers

On the contract issues, things were a mess (notice I said WERE). We had to decide if we wanted Neeners (my nickname for her) to deliver in GA or TX. We ultimately went with TX for several reasons. The main one is that GA law isn't that great for surrogacy. TX on the other hand is awesome. Also the contract phase is MUCH easier here, we don't have to have lawyers in different states and then have them do birth orders, we will have all that taken care of once we sign contracts here. Getting a lawyer to be on the same page as us was another story. Most didn't understand that we agreed and there was no need for negotiations, then there was the no insurance we aren't comfortable with the what if's of that. It was too hard to write all that in a contract I guess. So I prayed alot and leaned on Janene and my wonderful friends from a great support group (HI HENS!!!) and the answer to my prayers appeared. He is a wonderful lawyer that is local to me and can you guess what his last name is?? ANGEL! How cool is that??!!!?? So he is hard at work on the contracts, and we are hard at work looking for insurance...We have heard good things so far about the maternity card and different medical health plan cards but we don't want to get scammed so we are both researching those and still looking into traditional insurance... Keep us in your prayers that we find something good! Til next time..

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