Friday, August 27, 2004

Thank you! E-BAY

I know its been a few days but EBAY has consumed my life! LOL.. I have been selling things left and right! I am so glad too, because all extra money goes to the "Baby Fund".. Well its official......WE ARE GOING TO SEE JANENE! I am so excited, I can hardly wait, we are leaving in 7 days! I have two other special friends (You know who you are) that live in Georgia as well, so I will be going to visit them too! I am so looking forward to this trip. This is the first time the wonderful hubby and kids and I are getting away together since last year, so its time anyway.. Wow I hope we all really get along great like we do on the phone! Its always weird meeting for the first time, but I am sure it will all be ok. I will keep ya posted on the trip!

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