Friday, August 20, 2004

Today was a good day

Well alot has happened in the last 2 days. My sister offered to be our surrogate. This is a huge deal. I have been going through IVF now for a few years, so I never expected to hear those words from her. Ultimately, we decided not to use her, and continue with our surrogate, for several reasons. And yes, I did share this with my surrogate, and she was ok, especially since there isn't any bad news for her!!!! :-). I saw my lawyer today, and we came to an agreement that we both can live with, and thanks to another wonderful surro I think we are on easy street from here on out as far as delivery and insurance, now we just gotta make it to TESTING, and MY FSH! EEK! I go in Monday to see the RE, wish me luck and lots of prayers guys!

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