Saturday, September 2, 2006

Another Donation

So, I have been talking to this couple who is in need of an egg donor. I may donate for them, at this point I am not sure, we are still talking, but hey that's news isn't it? I have sent them my info and they will let me know something soon I am sure. Nothing much new going on besides that. We weathered Tropical DEPRESSION Ernesto without any problems. It wasn't much of anything by the time it got here. I am still ebaying and doing pretty good at it as of late. I have even started selling things for other people since I am sitting here doing it anyway, so why not? I am also thinking of going to school to get my real estate license. I talked to a real estate company, and they said I have a job there if I want it, so that's cool, AND they will reimburse me the fees for the class, how cool is that! I am really thinking about it, and who knows maybe this will be my new career, it all sounded very exciting when I talked with the gentleman. So a few things in the works for me, who knows how they will turn out, so stay tuned!

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