Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few things going on behind the scenes

So I got all of my meds in finally! So I am ready to start whenever they say "GO!" LOL! Hubby & I had blood drawn for the HIV/HCV DNA test (special testing required by the FDA when you are either an egg donor or "donating" tissue to someone, i.e.; using a surrogate) That was a feat in itself! We had to go to THREE different places before we could have it done! The 3rd time was a charm! Tomorrow I go for a hormone level check (to see where I am in my cycle since I don't have a period) and to check my ovaries again. I think after that I should get my schedule of when to start meds and BCP's... Both of my shipments of meds were LATE! Thank God the overnight one was packed well enough on ice so that it was still cold when it arrived A DAY LATE. The other one was just 4 hrs late... On a positive all my meds were cheaper than I thought they would be, yippee! Please pray all my levels are on track tomorrow!  I hope everyone is ready for the holidays!


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