Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tests Results are in!

All of our bloodwork is finally back!! All the results are either negative as they should be or within normal ranges as they should be! That was the preliminary bloodwork, but still a major step. Now my surrogate is scheduled for her appt. on Tuesday and will have her consult and bloodwork completed. Her hubby is going to try and make the appt. as well and if so he will be finished with his part, with the exception of the psych eval. Things are taking a little longer to coordinate since we are in different states and testing is being handled by 2-3 different places depending on what the test is.. My patience is definitely being tested at this point, but I know I can survive this and just keep praying that all things stay on track or as close to on track as can be. Right now we are waiting on the contract draft (we still have time for this, doesn't have to be completed until I start medication and we are a bit away from that still) and then however long it takes to get the psych evals back.. So, that's about all I have for an update for now, but things ARE moving forward so that's a blessing in itself..


  1. Absolutely a blessing!! Yay for great results!! This all seems to be moving along so quickly and smoothly. :) I am so happy for you!!

  2. Thanks so much Andrea! It IS moving along, of course I just want it quicker so i can hold that precious bundle at the end of the journey! =)
    Thanks for following and for your support, it means alot.


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