Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cost of IVF

I have been keeping a running tally of how much this IVF is costing us and while I am sure it is cheaper than a lot of people pay, it is NOT cheap! So I wanted to do a breakdown of the costs we have paid to this point, mind you this is JUST for the IVF, the surrogacy is a whole separate expense.. Hold on to your hats:

Consult IVF Clinic #1: $250.00

2nd Consult IVF Clinic: $250.00

FIRED THIS CLINIC ----------------

Subtotal $500.00

Consult IVF Clinic #2: $300.00

IVF Cycle Costs $5000.00

Stimulation Drugs $2349.00

Anesthesia: $550.00 (you don't wanna feel the egg retrieval, trust me)

ICSI: $1150.00 (Dr. injects sperm directly into egg)

FDA Testing $760.00 (Special testing since we are using a surrogate)

BW & U/S Pkg $640.00 (covers 4 bloodwork & 4 ultrasounds at ivf clinic)

Cycle Monitoring $1235.00 (bloodwork & ultrasound to start meds 4 visits)

Travel: $670.00 (driving + 1 Rt plane ticket, staying w/friends)



(Keep in mind this also does NOT include all the pre-testing, just to get to the point of being able to do the IVF cycle. Thankfully our insurance covered it since we used a lab affiliated with dh's job, if you use their lab, no charge) BUT this is what the testing WOULD have cost us:

HIM- 542.60
ME- 883.45
$1426.05 (I don't have the other EOB's in yet so this is PART 1!!)

Now the costs of the surrogacy portion (some of these are estimates)

Contracts: $2500.00

PBO $3500.00 ( Pre Birth Order, this puts our names on birth certificate)

Psych Eval $1200.00 ( To make sure we are all sane!)

J & E Test $1200.00 (Blood work for surro & her husband)

PG expense $4000.00 (est. expenses for pregnancy, co-pays, vitamins,etc.)


$12400.00 (could be more could be less- we pray it's less!)

And that folks is the run down.. So we have paid the IVF portion, now we have to work on the surrogacy portion, thankfully between our tax refund and some other things we have in the works, we will only have to say about $3,500 - $4,000, which is doable, as long as things keep going according to plan!


  1. (new follower :-) )Thank you for sharing your journey. It is nice to be able to see things from "the other side of the fence". I pray that everything works out for you.

  2. Thanks for following Krystal! I am following you now as well, looking forward to reading your journey!

  3. Tonya,

    All I can state is: WOW!

    Praying as always (((hugs)))



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