Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Stim Monitoring Appt Day 3.5

Today as of my appointment was 3.5 days on stimulation meds. During my ultrasound the nurse said I have over 27 follicles!! Three of them are over 10mm, with the lead follicle already measuring 13mm, this means they MAY let that one grow so I lose it, in order to give the small ones time to catch up (a normal thing in IVF cycles) My E2 (estrogen level) is only 108 right now, RE says it's good because it went up, but she wants it up more for day 5.5 of meds so she doubled my evening dose of meds so now I am on 150IU of Menopur and 150IU of Gonal-F as well as the .05cc of Lupron to keep me suppressed. Lots of hormones coursing through my body right now, but it's moving along really nicely! This next appointment on Monday should tell them (and me) a lot more because the meds will be higher so they should see a nice jump in my levels and the number of follicles that are maturing.. So a pretty boring update today, sorry! :D More of the same for the next few days I'm afraid.. Stay tuned for Monday's episode of the Stimulation Chronicles!

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  1. :=D

    What a great update!

    Looking forward to Monday's Stimulation Chronicles LOL!

    Will be praying for you in church in the morning (((hugs)))



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