Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I bet you didn't expect this when you woke up this morning

So much has happened today, I don't even know where to begin... Last night I was doing ok, albeit disappointed that things weren't on track. This morning things with my cycle got on track, but everything is was in chaos. I won't go into all of the details, but suffice it to say,I WAS a 25 minute drive from the clinic staying with friends and now I am over 80 miles ONE WAY from the clinic... When the arrangements were made well before my cycle I was assured it was ok and I was welcome anytime.. 3 days later apparently that is not the case. I am unbelievably disappointed and my faith took a beating today, but thanks to my wonderful sister, things are looking up. As of Monday, I will be 15 minutes from the clinic again.. I CANNOT thank my sister enough.. Our funds are just so depleted that even $300 for a hotel was just NOT doable.. Several "extra" expenses popped up for this cycle mainly extra monitoring that ate up our entire $2,000 cushion! That was just to get us to the point of starting bcp and finally lupron... The only bright spot today is I DID get to start stims today.. So we have officially started.. I hope these next days go by smoothly and drama free, I have had enough for AT LEAST 12 months!


  1. Sorry you had a crappy day. I hope everything gets better! :)

  2. Thanks Krystal!! Sometimes it helps just to write and get it out, things are looking up today though! :)

  3. So sorry for the challenging day :( (((((hugs))))

    So glad that you are blessed with a wonderful sister who came to your aid. God is sooo good! Waiting for more updates and thrilled that you're stimming.



  4. Thank you BFK!!! Things are definitely much better today! Going to read your update now :)


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