Saturday, January 8, 2011


Had my 1st shot of lupron today, so far so good. Of course it was only a about 2hrs ago, so the day is still early. I am hoping I don't have a bad reaction or get "loopy" but if past behavior is any indicator then I am in for some interesting days and so is my husband! (LOL!!) Yesterday was the last day of the 2 week course of antibiotics they had us both on (YAY!) and only 5 more days of BCP (including today) the time really is starting to fly by now! I just hope things continue to move as smoothly. I got a call from the coordinator at the clinic yesterday and she let me know that the final tests we were waiting on came in and we are now finished until we get there and need to do our FDA testing. That's a HUGE load off of our shoulders, waiting on test results and trying to track down tests results was such a pain in the ass! Now we can focus on planning the trip to the IVF clinic and concentrating on getting these shots right, because let's face it folks a girl is a little rusty at stabbing herself! Stay tuned, more to follow..

UPDATE 9 HRS LATER: LUPRON STILL SUCKS! Major headache since about noon today, Tylenol (the only thing you can take while doing IVF) is NOT helping, not even a little bit.. Off to bed to rest my head..

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