Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things are happening!

So we got our test results back for our special HIV/HCV and of course it was negative And, I had my hormone levels checked and I was finally baseline!! That means I got to start my birth control pills the same day (12/29) I will be on them until 1/12 and I start Lupron (the drug that suppresses your ovaries so you don't ovulate earlier than you are supposed to) on SATURDAY!! January 8th, so close! They overlap for just a few days. I go in for a scan before the start of the hardcore stimulation drugs on Jan 17th-19th, whichever day the clinic can get me in, then I head to the clinic and have a scan 1/24, then start meds 1/25, with an estimated retrieval date of 2/2-2/4. So things are in full GO mode over here, just checking off the days and plugging along. We decided to do a freeze all of our embryos vs. a fresh embryo transfer to our surrogate, because it's just easier for everyone involved scheduling wise. While the success rates are slightly decreased with FET's (frozen embryo transfers) we are confident that this is the right choice for us and our surrogates family. We will just continue to pray that things will continue to move along and that when the time comes, 2-3 gorgeous embryos will be ready to transfer! More to come once I start my shots, til then!


  1. Ohhhhhh!! This post just gave me goose bumps--I am SOOOO excited for you. I can't wait till your next post update!!!

  2. Praise the LORD!!!

    I am SO overjoyed for you! Wow!

    Thank You! Thank You!

    God is moving in this place \o/




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