Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sixth Stim Monitoring Appt Day 10.5

10 1/2 days of stims and and my estradiol (E2) is 1865 and TRIGGER SHOT IS TONIGHT!! I am finally done with all the shots! I take my last shot of menopur tonight and then my HCG is at 11:00PM, so egg retrieval is 10AM Monday morning! The best news I got? FOUR MORE FOLLICLES POPPED OUT, so now I have 13 as of this morning. Follicles continue to grow until they are retrieved so with my menopur tonight and HCG shot super charging them, I just may reach my goal of 15 after all! No matter what I am pleased with house this cycle turned out in spite of all the drama and weather that came about, things still went awesome! My next hurdle after retrieval is FERTILIZATION! Will update with the fertilization report probably Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how I feel afterwards. Until then!

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