Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fourth Stim Monitoring Appt Day 8.5

Results are in! E2 is 1264 now, up from 848, so things are progressing nicely the nurse and RE say... Stay the course and come back in tomorrow for another check! Since I am going in every day I know we are getting close to retrieval... As of this morning there are still 9 follicles looking good and 8 more that are growing but again, probably not enough to catch up for retrieval, but ya never know... As long as my LH (Lutenizing hormone) doesn't go up (if it does, that means I am about to ovulate) I am ok to still stimulate (take the injections) so, for now I continue as I have been! I think I will take the final shot which is an HCG shot (trigger shot to do the final maturation of the eggs) either tomorrow or saturday, I will be surprised it it goes until Sunday, but I have been surprised before! Stay tuned the Stimulation Chronicles continue!

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