Monday, February 7, 2011

Post Retrieval

This post won't be long, as I am sore and I am kinda upset. At the ultrasound prior to retrieval I was informed their were 11 mature follicles and 2 that were smaller but possible. When I was awakened from the anesthesia, I was informed that I started to ovulate before or during the retrieval and they were only able to get FIVE, yes you read that correctly, 5 eggs.. I burst into tears and cried for the rest of the afternoon. Now I am just angry. Tomorrow I will receive the fertilization report and we are praying that all 5 fertilize. The clinic has some explaining to do and we are NOT letting this issue drop until we are satisfied with either monetary reimbursement or a credit towards another cycle. I have done THREE IVF cycles and twice I have ovulated during the procedure.. You guessed it BOTH times were with this clinic.. So the problem is there... Wish I had a better update, but for now, that's what I have..


  1. Tonya,

    (((((((((((CHOCOLATE HUGS))))))))))

    Oh my goodness. I am praying for you!



  2. I'm so sorry---praying all 5 fertilize!!

  3. Tonya, I'm so sorry about this happening! I hope the clinic will be able to give you credit back b/c in my opinion it's their fault!
    Saying a prayer that all 5 fertilize! **HUGS**

  4. Thanks so much ladies.. 3 fertilized, 1 was too immature and the other just didn't progress after fertilizing.. :( The RE says this was a successful cycle.. Not in my book... Needless to say she is FIRED..


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