Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Third Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 7.5

Third appointment was today and according to them I am getting close. Estrogen (E2) is 848 and now there are 9 follicles over 10mm (actually between 12mm and 16mm) and approx 8 more that are pushing forward so not sure how they are going to play this out, I am hoping to atleast have 15 mature follicles when I trigger so hoping they won't trigger me too early (like tomorrow!) I would probably request a call from the RE if they said that, so we will see how it goes.. Nothing much, weather is holding out and no snow forecasted for the next few days, always a good thing! Back tomorrow with more results from the Stimulation Chronicles! The good news of the day is my hubby comes back tomorrow, it's been TEN DAYS since I have seen him, so ready to hold him, I have missed him!

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