Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting our heads shrunk!

Yup! Tomorrow we head out to Atlanta for the weekend to have our psych evals done! I am nervous, excited, anxious and probably several other things too! I am so happy to be getting past this hurdle and another thing crossed off our list! Each time we mark something off the list, that means we are another step closer to transferring! I am in awe sometimes to think that in the next month we could very possibly be at the "first" finish line! Not the true finish line, because of course then we have 9 months of worrying until delivery! I am just taking each day as it comes and X'ing the days off.. I know in my heart my time is coming and soon!

On the weight loss front, I know I am not going to make my goal of 44lbs in 45 days.. It is not for a lack of trying, but some days I just didn't lose anything or only lost a 1/2 lb and I hit a plateau for about a week! I am sad that I didn't make my goal (I still have a few weeks left until day 45, but not enough that i can make the goal in a healthy way and I can't do it any other way!) but I am very happy that I did lose over 10% of my weight SO FAR and by the time day 45 does come around I should be at 15-20% of my weight lost! Now depending on when I actually start stims, I may get a reprieve on the actual number of days and it may extend out longer than 45 meaning I have a chance to make a few lbs up! Fingers crossed!

On the IVF front, so far I am still just on birth control pills (BCP) today was day 21 in fact.. Also today I got a BAD HEADACHE! I was doing so well on these new pills I got a little cocky thinking, "I beat the bcp headache this go 'round!" HA! Yeah right.. this is the 3rd one in 21 days (BOO!!) Hey, it's waaay better than the EVERYDAY headaches on the last brand (APRI, stay away from them!) and then the dreaded Lupron headaches, so I guess I should quit whining while I am ahead huh? Whatev's once I start stimming look for this to be the whiningest blog EVER! With the exception of the Lupron every shot will be in the ass, so uh.. yeah I will be definitely complaining, even if it WAS my idea!

So that's all I got for now.. I will be back Sunday evening or Monday morning with another update!


  1. Aww you're going to be here in my city today!! Hope you have a GREAT visit and enjoy getting things checked off your "to-do" list - I know it's such a good feeling to see progress made towards your goal! :)

  2. Yay for getting things checked off! Boo for headaches! :-( I remember those dang lupron fun! Good luck with the psych evals. If I can pass it, anyone can! ha!

  3. @Rebekah- Yup, the whole weekend we will be there! =)So happy to be having one more thing done!

    @Krystal-LOL!! I don't have to do that long test, but of course my surro/friend does! She's mostly sane so I think she will be fine, HA! =) My headache lasted a long time yesterday super sucky! Hoping I don't get one this weekend!


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