Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I feel Good!!!......

My consult went exactly as planned! I had a nice long talk with the RE and IT WAS AWESOME! The RE REALLY LISTENED to my concerns from last cycle and what could be done differently this time around. She also had several ideas and when I made suggestions she said they were good and between the both of us she said she feels we came up with "one helluva good plan" The major changes are:

#1 Instead of doing Lupron 10U then dropping to 5U it's staying at 10U all the way thru.
#2 Having a blood draw done day after trigger to make sure my LH hasn't spiked indicating ovulation.
#3 All of my stims are going to be done IM instead of subQ. (yeah butt shots the entire time, no belly shot except Lupron)
#4 Starting stims off with 150IU of each and possibly raising either or both to 225IU depending on how I progress.
#5 Retrieval will be 32hrs after trigger instead of 36-37hrs.
#6 No cautious stimming either, She will allow my E2 to rise and monitor me closely instead of triggering when it is at 2000 or less. Since the transfer is not happening to me, there is no danger in letting me go a little high, I mentioned this since last time I didn't even get to 2,000 before other DR. WITCH had me trigger! She agreed and said I will just be monitored every day and as long as i feel ok we can push it to a safe but higher level (I'm thinking high 3,000's to low 4,000's personally!) I can live with that!
#7 NO OTHER RE can make any change to my protocol without talking to her, no exceptions.
(most times the nurses ask the nearest RE to look at your file and give instructions based on your bloodwork/ ultrasound report)

And that was the jist of it! Our talk was so great and I thanked her for listening to my ideas and concerns. She said my ideas were good ones and that they were all valid (both my concerns and ideas! )

So I am feeling very hopeful about things moving forward.. I am already on BCP, so things will probably start moving pretty quickly from here on out! YAY ME!!


  1. That is GREAT that you feel good about your discussion, and sounds like y'all have a great plan for the "what's next"! :D

  2. Thanks Rebekah! I am reading along with you each step of the way and wishing you all the best as well! =)

  3. YAY!! Good for you telling the RE exactly what you feel. I bet this time will go great!
    P.S. When I read your post title I thought of the James Brown song and now I can't get it out of my head, lol!

  4. HAHA!! That's EXACTLY what I was singing when I wrote the title, so yay!! Yes girl, I have very high hopes for this cycle! =)


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