Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Little More Progress

Psych Evals are done! Reports should be sent to the lawyers office and RE's office in the next few days. What a long day that was, a good 4 hours! It was worth it though, because we all got to talk about any loose ends we may not have been clear on, such as who would be in delivery room if they only allow one person (my husband was voted "IT" since we all have been present at deliveries before except him!) a good weekend all in all. Things are also moving along with my cycle! I start Lupron on 4/4 so I have to be at the clinic on 4/18 for bloodwork and ultrasound (aka bw & u/s) that morning so at least now I know when I am heading out of town! Retrieval date is tricky, the nurse believes it will be 4/28, I say it will be 5/3 because I think it's going to take longer for my E2 to get to a level we (the RE and ME!) are happy with! I guess the nurse thinks she is in "charge" of my cycle, but she is wrong, I AM IN CHARGE! The RE and I talked about this during my consult and she agreed that I can stim longer and more aggressive to get my E2 to a level much higher than the 1865 they brought it to and triggered me.. That's a definite bone of contention from the last cycle! So anywho... that's where I am so far. Lupron start date and a definite travel date (will drive up to NJ that weekend to be there on that Monday) and then we are making a beeline for egg retrieval after what I hope is a phenomenal stim phase! More when I have something to tell, later gators!


  1. Yippe for progress! One step at a time, you'll be transferring before you know it!

  2. lol - "I AM IN CHARGE!" - good for you! Watching you and cheering you on :)

  3. Thanks Joann! Can you believe the nurse thought she was running the show? hmmpfh! She knows now,LOL! I followed your journey and now the progess with your nomable little man (SOOO CUTE!) The cheeks on that kid..sigh...


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