Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So "D" had her consult today and it went AH-MAZING!! Dr. B said she had no problem working with me and that with all of my bloodwork results, things looked really promising! (YAY!!) She also said there are things she is going to change monitoring wise and several changes in the meds and the dosage to get the best results possible, I am VERY thankful to hear that! For starters she is going to change my retrieval and trigger time to a 32 hr trigger vs. 36hrs like last time (Actually it was closer to 36hrs and 45 minutes but who's counting!) and also lowering my dose of Lupron since I was over suppressed last time and upping my dosage of meds for stimulation (LOVE HER, I agree with all of these things!) She said things could have been done differently last time and that the results this time will be better. That is what I wanted to hear! The best part is all of our testing is already done, so there is nothing stopping us from moving forward right away! "D" only has one other test that needs to be done! So the Dr. said she will talk more in depth with me next week for my consult with her (YAY!) so things are at level AWESOME for today!

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  1. That's great to hear, Tonya! I hope everything else from here n out goes just as smoothly!


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