Monday, April 11, 2011

Lupron Day 8 Take Deux

Had my monitoring appointment this morning! Not many antral follicles seen this time (not sure why they are counting them now that I have been on Lupron for 8 days!) but bloodwork "looked good" Go again Friday for bloodwork only (YAY!) then head out of town! I start stims Sunday and the dose is going to be "higher than last time" I wish they would tell me what higher than last time means! I guess I find out Friday what doses I will be on or I will be just making it up myself,LOL! 2 and 2 sounds good to me, HA! On the headache front, yesterdays was a doozy, but hopefully they start going away because I am OVER them already, UGH! Right now I am working on my last minute packing and cleaning of my house. I have all my healthy snacks packed, so atleast I will be able to keep my good eating habits going! So that's about it for now, until Friday!


  1. GOOD LUCK thoughts headed your way!! I will be watching for updates and hoping this cycle is WONDERFUL! :)

  2. Good update! Have a good time on your trip! And I hope ur headaches go away soon, those are no fun!

  3. Thanks Krystal and Rebekah! No headache today, YAY!


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