Thursday, April 21, 2011

Part Deux: First Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 4.5

So I had my first monitoring appointment today. It wasn't awesome (IMO) and it wasn't terrible. I had 3 follicles on the right (2 are 7mm, 1 is 11.7mm) and 5 follicles on the left, (all measuring 10mm) so a so-so start in my book. I go back Saturday for another ultrasound and blood work. I believe today they will increase my Follistim dosage to 225IU (or 3 vials) and keeping my Repronex at 150IU (or 2 vials). I would be surprised if they increased my repronex.. So that's where I am at right now.. Since I am donating half the eggs this cycle, I DEFINITELY need more follicles to show their faces than what is currently showing up on the ultrasound.. The tech said it's still early so anything can happen.. There were some smaller ones at 3-5mm but who knows if they are going to catch up or not (I think they can, but hey what do I know?) Don't have the results of my blood work back yet, I am sure that will be more telling.. I am thinking I am going to stim probably 14 days this go round instead of the usual 11. That works for me, I want them to get as many as they can to give both of us a real shot at some decent embryos and a BABY! Will edit later after I have my bloodwork results in..

OK wonder of wonders, I got the call about 30 minutes ago and the nurse said "You are doing really well!" SO I guess I don't know jack apparently! I'll take what I can get. So my E@ (estrogen level) is 184 and meds stay the same until Saturday and then possibly going up then so this dose must be working for me so far.. I am just praying this continue along nicely and maybe we get another good bunch of follicles to jump start. Til next time (Saturday)

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  1. It's a start in the right direction!! :D Positive thoughts for many beautifully growing follies at your next check! :)


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