Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Part Deux: Fourth Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 9.5

So things ARE looking better today.. Left ovary has 6 now follicles measuring as follows: (22mm,19.6mm,19.3mm,18.6mm,18mm,14mm - I suspect that was one of the almost 10mm's from yesterday there were 1-2 others still less than 10mm) the right side has 23mm,10mm (so one of those finally popped up! that side has another 1-2 almost 10mm's but I think realistically they aren't going to be popping up since the end is near) I talked to the nurse and told her I need ONE MORE day.. If they say trigger tonight I will be so pissed... The main reason I will be upset is my husband is NOT back in town yet.. The clinic has not given me any clue as to when trigger was going to be, in fact they said things were going nice and slow, well NOW it's like Oh our bad.. So NO ONE is here to do my trigger shot (I'm good but I'm not a fuckin magician, no way I can shoot a needle in my own ass!) or take me to retrieval or bring me back! I explained this to her as well.. If they give me one more day retrieval would be Friday and I have a plan for that day, so let's all collectively pray for another day of stims, so my plan will be in effect... OK off to find some chocolate because, alas I give up and my diet is going on vacation for a couple of hours so I can gorge myself on M&M's or some shit.. That is all.. Will update when have my E2 back and of course I will know if this is trigger night or not! MWAH!


  1. Your ovaries are doing great!! Fingers and toes crossed you get another day before trigger!!

  2. Just catching up on my reading list :) Glad everything is going great... and I'll wait for the update now! Good luck!


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