Saturday, April 23, 2011

Part Deux: Second Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 6.5

Had my 2nd stim monitoring appointment today. I have 5 follicles on the left that are growing nicely (all over 10mm) and on the left there is ONE that is greater than 10mm the other too are almost 10mm. So the RE had me up my dosage today to 225IU of Follistim and keeping the Repronex at 150IU, lupron stays at 10U, so I am happy with this. She said upping the Follistim to 225IU will help the several smaller ones get kick started to grow but won't cause the others to grow really fast so this is exactly what we want! My E2 (estradiol) is 400, P4 (Progesterone) is less than 0.2 (this is good because if this starts to rise you are getting ready to ovulate so trigger is coming no matter what) LH is 2 (also very good) and FSH is 11 (no need to panic, it's supposed to go up when you are actually taking FSH drugs). I go back Monday morning for my 3rd check. Hoping this increase in my dosage does the trick and we see more follicles Monday, but as of right now, everything is on track! I am so thankful for how calm and stress free this cycle is going now that it's actually moving along.. I pray it continues this way.. Weather here in NJ is rainy and icky and a bit chilly, so I am staying holed up in my hotel room with the TV and my precious laptop! As long as I have snacks it's ALL GOOD!!! I went with my Mom to see Madea's Happy Family yesterday and it was HILARIOUS!! SO that was my bit of fun for the weekend. OK later gators next update Monday.



  1. Fingers staying crossed - sounds like things are progressing well and the RE is on top of your protocol!! :)

  2. Wow good luck! Sounds like things are going well! Even if I'm a dumb guy and have no clue what all those numbers and letters mean ;) We're following along sending good thoughts!

  3. Rebekah- Yes! She really has listened to me and I feel so much better with how things are moving along!

    Kevin- Thanks for the well wishes, following you guys and praying things stay right on track, we will be going thru the surrogate pregnancy at the same time! =)


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