Monday, April 25, 2011

Part Deux: Third Stim Monitoring Appt. Day 8.5

Third monitoring appointment was today and based on the ultrasound, things could be better in my opinion.. I have 5 follicles on the left (20,15.7,16.3,13.7,16) and 2 that are under 10mm (cmon already and catch up dudes,UGH!) and the right is being EXTREMELY stubborn with ONE at 20.3 and 2 under 10mm (again, get with the program little dudes!) so those FOUR that are bullshitting around need to get it in gear so my numbers look a little better before the clinic starts wanting me to trigger.. I THINK I have atleast 3 days left to stim before they start saying ok let's trigger but who knows.. I am thinking I want to ask the RE to lower my meds back to 150IU of Follistim because that 75IU increase caused those other puppies to really jump out there, and didn't exactly do what we wanted it to do, it kinda did the opposite actually, so not a great thing to see on the monitor this morning.. Still have to wait on the call for my labs to come in, but I suspect my E2 has taken a dramatic increase as well.. If it's 800 or less I will be happy, because I am sure that buys me a few more days, so I need all kinds of luck, prayers, mojo and whatever else you guys can think of right now!! For those that are interested here is my protocol:

BCP (Birth control Pills) - 43 DAYS
Lupron - 10 units since 4/4/11 (stay on 10U all the way thru)
Repronex - 150IU PM Since 4/17
Follistim - 150IU 4/18 - 4/23
Follistim 225IU 4/24 & 4/25
Repronex 150IU
Lupron 10U
SO.. now I want to go back to 150IU of both and see if that gives me more days to let these slow growers do their thing.. Will update once I have my labs back!

UPDATE: Well, labs are in and just as I thought, the nurse is saying I might trigger TOMORROW!! Not happy with this news at all.. AND she said my RE wrote for me to do 250IU Follistim!! I am in shock!! I don't think they are going to wait on those smaller ones, I think I am ending up with the 6 that are there and that sux... so that's my update..


  1. My fingers and toes are crossed that your estrogen level looks ok so you can stim a couple more days - I hope the right side catches up to the left!!

  2. My fingers are crossed for you as well. Whatever happens, I'm praying for the best outcome!


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