Sunday, May 15, 2011

Countdown to FET 30 DAYS

Even though the FET MIGHT be 32 days out, more than likely it will be 30 days from today.. I had a nice long talk with Mr. Yummy (the embryologist) after I got myself together and he explained to me that since I have FIVE embryos he would thaw them all out and take a look at them two days later (this would be day THREE) he said the reason they are grown out to day 5 is to get a clear view of the strongest ones and transfer those back to the uterus. Well, if all things are equal on day three THEN you end up going to day 5, but if 2-3 stand outs are already visible on day three there is NO REASON to grow them out 2 additional days (makes tons of sense right?!) and you would just have the transfer on day 3. SO, this is what I believe will happen with our embryos and I am happy with that, hence the post title 30 days countdown because JUNE 15TH is SOOOO close! I am super excited about this upcoming transfer.. Even with my last doom and gloom post, the good that I kind of let fall by the wayside is my eggs are still good quality since someone just got pg with them! I know I know, each person is different but it gives me a great feeling of hope that we will have our BFP (big fat positive) and a baby on the way too! OK off to consult Dr. Google about the pros and cons of day 3 vs. day 5.. I know, I suck..

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  1. Hopefully the 30 days will go by quickly for you! I'm rubbin' my belly for ya.


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