Sunday, May 22, 2011

DOC 1: A New Phase In My Journey

Today is DOC 1. That means "Day Of Cycle 1" This is a HUGE DEAL for us! We have really NEVER been THIS CLOSE before.. As you know from last time if you read my blog from HERE, then you KNOW we really never had a shot back then... But this time things are MUCH DIFFERENT! We have an unbelievable surrogate who we love and trust and who is for all intents and purposes, like my sister and we know she is doing everything in her power for us to have a positive outcome. That makes a world of difference in this journey folks, lemme tell ya.. So anywho getting back to it.. Today is the day that "J" starts her Estrace and baby aspirin and we countdown from here until DOC 18 - DOC 21 because one of those days is THE DAY!!! I will know more on DOC 18 of course, but the train has officially left the station today!! So countdown with me so I don't lose my mind! I made the cutest basket for "J" and I sure hope she likes it! I am mailing it tomorrow so she has it well before Transfer Day! (Don't worry she doesn't read here so I won't be spoiling the surprise! Notice the SIX pregnancy tests? YUP, we are NOT patient people (her nor me) and we are definitely testing before BETA.. We both know it ain't over til it's over so we will just test regardless and then get the official answer whatever it is from the Dr...


Will update tomorrow once I know the precious cargo has shipped and is en-route, stay tuned!


  1. Such a nice mommy! I think I went through about 40 pregnancy tests! Good luck to all of you!

  2. Thanks Laura! Our plan is to start testing at 5dp and test 6 days in a row my clinic does betas at 10dp so we should have enough for testing up until then, but if not I will be getting more, LOL! =)

  3. Woot!

    I am praying for you all!!! J is the best as you and hubs are too!!

    Love ya,



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