Sunday, May 1, 2011

Egg Retrieval Part Deux

Egg retrieval went better than expected! The ultrasound tech said I had 5 good ones, but when I woke up my RE informed me she got NINE!! I was thrilled with this news. I got 4 and my recipient got 5. Of my 4 I had 3 that were mature and 2 fertilized. So now I have 5 frozen total that we will thaw in 6 short weeks and transfer to our surro! Chill out, not all five.. We plan to transfer the best TWO and pray we have something left to freeze, but who knows, this whole thing is such a craps shoot! We are just happy to be moving on with the next step and getting closer to our dream!


  1. GREAT update!! Those little frozen embabies will be making theirselves at home with your GS in no time! :D

  2. Thanks Rebekah!! We are so close I can taste it!!


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