Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most IMPORTANT FEDEX Shipment Of My Life!

FET countdown is at 3 weeks and 6 days! The cryo shipper (the tank containing nitrogen or whatever super cold freezing agent it is) that will safely carry our embryos from NJ to GA has been sent! It left GA today and will arrive in NJ tomorrow.. It will then be loaded with our FIVE embryos and FEDEX will overnight them to GA. The embryologist called me to give me all the deets and before we were done he said "Hey, do you have a pen so you can write down this tracking number?" I was driving but whipped out a sharpie and a receipt I had just wrapped my gum in (so classy!) and said YEP GO! (chill out dudes I was NOT on the highway I was pulling into a parking lot) I got the 12 digit tracking number and just stared at it.. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FEDEX NUMBER I HAVE EVER HAD! Not even my kids Super Train Megazord was this important (well not to me, to him it was more important I'm sure) 

So needless to say Monday I will be entering that FEDEX number FURIOUSLY all day checking until it is in the system and my babies are on their way.. Please send a positive thought, a prayer or whatever it is you do up for me, my hubby and the "Fab Five" we could certainly use it!

 In other surro news, my friend started her AF (Aunt Flo aka period) today so we are officially on schedule! She should be starting the Estrace on May 29th and the embryos are scheduled for thaw June 13th.. We are getting so close and we are equally terrified, happy and several other emotions all rolled up.. Stay tuned folks, it's about to get interesting!


  1. I don't know, the Super Train Megazord is kind of right up there with the importance of embryos. Lol!
    Not much longer!!!! :-)

  2. LOL!! Krystal I know right! That supertrain was the bane of my existence for a few years! So exciting though we are so close!! EEEK!

  3. This post put a huge smile on my face. I can feel your excitement! So special!


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