Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh.My.God. I must've done SOMETHING right!

New clinic were embryos are in the process of moving to called me to give me an update. So um.. Yeah.. Nurse lady (who is my new favorite, by the way! I know I'm an easy sell) says that friend started AF yesterday (we know this already) and that she starts her meds SUNDAY for the cycle! I was like "OK". She said do you want to know the protocol or just receive updates? UM NO, I want to know EVERYTHING and I already have it anyway, HA! Anywho (I ramble when I'm excited!) so yeah as we go over the protocol she says "So your embryo transfer will be June 10th" I said "WHAT!" I thought it was June 15th or June 17th? Then I quickly realized I was being a dumbass and said, "UH, we are perfectly ok with EARLY!" I know, I played that off so well, didn't I? So yeah we have officially been MOVED UP A WEEK! Transfer is now June 8th or June 10th!! (The nurse said 11th, but this is a Saturday and they do transfers on Fridays if it's day 5 so I am going with I'm right and she's wrong) A FREAKIN WEEK EARLY PEOPLE!! That is the best news ever!! Now I just the totsicles to get shipped already and received! The nerves are really kicking in now! Will update when I know something more!


  1. VERY exciting!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!! =)

  2. T,

    I am so happy for you and will remember you even more now in my prayers for a smooth couple of weeks here and omgosh! WOW!


    Love ya,



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