Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shipping Embryos

And so the quest to embryo transfer continues.. I need to have our embryos shipped from their current rest stop to our new clinic which is in the same city as our surrogate! Who knew this would take an act of Congress!! So much red tape!! Ok, I am kinda glad there is a lot of red tape for that aspect, would be kinda sad if you could just say "hey ship my embryos and they were all, ok no prob will do that riiight now", with no fanfare, ya think? Anywho.... Yeah so the crappy part is we need them moved ASAP so we can make the transfer time we want (middle of June) and it seems like I am going to be cutting it SUPER CLOSE! That's the part I don't like.. I am hoping to have a better handle on things by the end of the week, so I may not update until then, when I HOPE to have something new to report.. If anything changes before Friday you all will be the FIRST to know!


  1. Getting soooo close!!!! Looking forward to June!!!!

  2. AAAHHH!!! It's getting closer!! I'm excited for you!!


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