Friday, May 6, 2011

Starting to think we are really gonna DO THIS!

Here I am with the FRIDAY update as promised! So you know what that means right? YUP, the stars aligned and I got MOST of the answers I needed from the clinics! I have all the paperwork I need signed, NOTARIZED and in envelopes ready to hit the post office in the morning (because I am too anal to just drop it in the box, I MUST have delivery confirmation on my package, I'm no fool I wanna make damn sure it is DELIVERED!) OK so anywho, here is the breakdown of what is gonna happen now:

1. Papers are sent to clinic A (clinic we are dumping) saying RELEASE my embryos!
2. Paperwork sent to clinic B (we love them!) saying ACCEPT my embryos!
3. Clinic B contacts clinic A and says here is our container, SEND us the embryos!
4. Clinic A carefully put embryos in clinic B's shipping container and SENDS.
5. Clinic B receives embryos in hopefully a ONE DAY turnaround time.
6. I receive call that embryos have been received and all is well
7. I consume copious quantities of WINE

I am hoping all of this takes place by next Friday, so say a prayer and wish me luck! feel free to consume wine in my honor too, if you think it will help!


  1. I would glady drink a glass or 5 of Moscato for you...but dang it, I hv to u hv to do it for me! :-)

  2. How DID you know I bought some Moscato, LOL!!! Yes I will be finishing the bottle off in a few short days! =) Will definitely drink one for ya!


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