Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Well alrighty then Mr. Sexy Voice!

Some more progress! So FINALLY got a call from the embryologist at clinic B. Remember how I was mad at him for not calling me back since last week so I could get the rest of the info I needed?? Uhhh, I sure wish someone would have warned me that he had the sexiest voice in the world,LOL!!! He has an accent,(sounded British or Australian to me, but I was more focused on not drooling into my phone..) Yeah...I TOTALLY almost forgot my questions and why I even wanted to talk to him when he called! I got my thoughts together and wiped the drool off my bottom lip and then asked my questions, hehehe!! So my embies are scheduled to ship to clinic B 5/23 and should get there 5/24-5/25! YAY!! He said he may be able to get another shipping container from another clinic, cuz he has a friend (I bet you do Mr. yummy!) and if so he will do it sooner.. He said he would keep me posted (he called me Love,,*sigh*...) So there ya have it, my embies are officially in the "system" and getting ready to be moved to their new home at clinic B until they are move to their new home in my friends tummy! 5 week countdown begins!


  1. Lol..."Mr. Yummy" made me laugh! I'm glad things are moving along perfectly for you, let the countdown begin!

  2. That is so funny! Glad things are moving along for you.

  3. YAY for the countdown!!! So excited for you all!!

  4. LOL!

    You are so funny!

    Wonderful post! Prayers that these weeks go by quick and that soon my friend, soon, your friend will be carrying twins ;)




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