Monday, October 3, 2011

The interwebz amazes me

I started following a blog a while back called Team Pancakes and thru her I have met another girl about to embark on IVF. She pointed out in one of her blog posts that a lot of African American women don't talk about their infertility, like it's a shameful thing.. I agree with her.. I know VERY FEW African American women that have issues (to my knowledge because it's not talked about publicly by "us") and I also know few Hispanic women that talk about it as well.. I know of a girl that recently had twins but when I was told about it, the info was only shared with me because the girl "outting" her knew I was doing IVF too (as y'all can see I have no problem telling all my bidness!LOL) so to have Nini reach out to me from "Team Pancakes" blog was so refreshing! I hope we can be a great source of support for each other as well as a great resource for information, y'all know I love to share! I hope her journey is much shorter than mine and that she has much success. I love how the interweb is bringing so many women together to share their stories and support one another! No matter our color we are all fighting the same fight and it's A LOT easier when you have numbers on your side!


  1. Can I get an AMEN on this post!! There is strength in numbers. I know quite a few people staring IVF in the face and those of color just refuse to be open and talk about it. Its whatever! I have always thought if my words or experiences can help one person then I'm happy. Its the reason I am going into the nursing field. I'm grateful to Mrs. Pancakes for introducing me to you via this crazy thing called the web. I'm in your corner girl! Thanks for the link back to my blog too.

  2. you are so welcome and I am so glad we are connected now! I tried to email you thru your blog but I got a bounce back! email me thru mine so I can reply to you! :)

  3. Amen and really is important to communicate and reach out to each other for support and resources on all issues because at the end of the affects us all! i am glad you guys are able to connect and keep supporting and communicating with each other and the rest of us...


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