Saturday, December 17, 2011

Garage Sale FAIL..

Yeah, so ummm... Don't ever have a garage sale the weekend before Christmas, ummkay? Cuz I did that today and all I got was a whopping $45 bucks! :( GARAGESALE.FAIL I coulda slept in and lazed about today! It was my fault I was sooo gungho on having a sale.. BUT in my defense, I wanted to have one like 2 weeks ago but hubby worked the weekends the past two weeks so he said NO. (He has to be there for garage sale day because I call him eleventy million times to ask questions about his crap, HA!) so this was the only weekend he pushed his schedule around to be off.. Annnnnyway... I am $45 dollars richer so I can't be all mad. Plus I am having another decent week on eBay.. Nothing like that Care Bears weekend but I'm doing ok, I know I will make atleast $300 this weekend and I am gearing up for another serious listing fit, so hoping to make atleast another $300 next week. Gotta keep the momentum going! Nothing much to report on Operation: Babydreams 2012 just yet. My SIL & BIL are having their testing done next week and then it's just more waiting.. I paid $800 to the clinic so far for consults and testing, I definitely don't miss this part of the journey, LOL! But I know with each payment we make, we are getting closer to our baby!

In holiday news, I am SUCH A ROCK STAR, if I say so myself...AND I DO! I use this website called Swagbucks and it's a search and win type site, (I dont know how to explain it really) Anyway. instead of using say I use them to search for things and I win points every now and then for my searches. For every 450 search points I accrue, I can trade those for $5 in Gift Card credit! So I have been searching, getting points (sometimes they give out codes that are worth points) and doing my little thang... So I have been a member since last year probably and I have managed to squirrel away $290 dollars in ama.zon gif.t ca.rd credits! HUGE help for shop.pping this year! I didn't really have to spend much money at all thank GOD. So this definitely is helping keep our spending down and we are still able to add to the IVF Fund!

So that's all my little news for the weekend. This week I plan on couponing my heart out at the grocery store to get the items I need for Christmas Dinner and we are baking cookies, cake, brownies, pie, etc. getting ready for the eat-a-thon, LOL!

Til next time!


  1. Well it wasn't a total bust cause you still made a little something on the bright side. I'm gonna email you....I need some scholarly advice and direction. I am gonna check into that swagbucks thing....hello!!! I could use something like that in my life.

  2. @ Nini- OK, will be looking for your email! And yes, not a TOTAL bust but definitely not my best sale either, LOL! I'm spoiled on my $200+ garage sale weekends now..

  3. oh wow..way to go on the swagbucks..i ahve been ignoring my account! i LOVE how you and Nini have connected! oh you should look into too for money making!

  4. @Mrs. Pancakes- Heyyy girl!! I have missed you!! I have been reading but haven't commented on your blog.. Girrl, do NOT sleep on swagbucks!! I have earned another $30 worth of cards this week, I have been swagging like crazy!! LOVE swagbucks! And Nini is my new web BFF! :)!! She just realized we only live 4hrs from each other (YAY!) we definitely need to meet up after the New Year!

  5. I have neglected my swagbucks account too...dammit! I need to really use it!
    And u know better than to have a garage sale the week before Christmas, lol!

  6. Krystal- *I know, I know..* (hangs head down in shame) LOL!! Girl, that damn John messed up my plans weeks ago! I KNEW I shoulda did it right after Thanksgiving, but noooo! He had to work... And look at you lunching on your swagbucks! I zeroed out my account for Christmas and am already waiting on FIVE cards to clear again! I am NOT playing! Next year My goal is to have over $500 in credit!


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