Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Checklist and NYE

With each journey, I HAVE to do a checklist or I will go insane (because I have a touch of OCD) I have lists and numbers scratched on every surface.. Seriously, it looks like a shot from "A Beautiful Mind" up in here.. I can't help it. I am constantly checking and rechecking numbers and lists, etc.. Annnnywho so I got my SIL an AFLAC policy because lots of surros said it was an awesome thing to have, so I looked in to it and set SIL up with one. Well the packet came in the mail today so CHECK! Next up is paying the clinic Monday and getting our schedule some time after that. I can feel that giddy anticipation starting to build! BRING ON 2012, I AM READY!!!

On another note, if y'all are going out tonight BE CAREFUL! I read a blog from the husband's point of view about his wife that has cystic fibrosis and she needed a lung transplant (she got it) but I am pretty sure he said the highest rate of transplants is TONIGHT and we all know why.. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE! You might THINK "you got this" but you may not! BE SAFE Y'ALL and see you NEXT YEAR! LOVE TO YOU ALL!

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