Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Closer

Today was the first day my digital OPK asked me to "pee on a stick" I did.. And it said HIGH FERTILITY! YAY!!! So my surge is definitely on it's way! I am hoping it is this weekend and I can have my progesterone level checked by next Friday and start Lupron then! Cmon LH surge!! On the weight loss front I am kind of at a plateau.. I am down 12lbs total and stuck.. I am NOT gaining, but NOT losing either for the last few days.. SO... I amped up my workout today and Oh...Em....Geee! I asked Jesus to come take me at several points during the workout!! I just keep pushing forward knowing it's for a good reason! Aaaaand on that note... I talked to the nurse coordinator today and went over my current BMI and what the anesthesiologists cut off was and I MADE THE CUT AS OF NOW! WOOHOOO! So anymore weight loss at this point is just gravy (hmmmm, gravy.. I miss you!) So I will continue on like I haven't reached it, so I know for sure I am in the "good to go" zone come egg retrieval! So I am 13.5-14lbs away from my goal for egg retrieval and IF I reach it by then, I would only need to lose another 40 to be at the weight I was when I MET my hubby! Oh yeah, it's ON I'm coming for you weight loss!!!

To assist me in my goal I have ordered Bob Harper and he will be here Friday, LOL! Well him and Jillian via the Biggest Loser game for the Kinect! I am already afraid of the pain they will bring, but I'm excited to give it a whirl! I need to be able to switch up my workout between to two programs..

So that's about all that's going on for right now, will update more once there's more to tell!


  1. You're gonna do it girl! I know you will. Show that workout who is boss!!

  2. I love Bob and Jillian. And besides, Bob is a hottie to look at. :-)

  3. Michael- I think Bob is such an evil genius on that show!! That Dolvett is yummy from head to toe though! I LOVE Bob's body, OMG! I want my hubby to look like that, LOL!

  4. You are doing SO GREAT! So excited for you!


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