Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Checking In

Still testing at "high fertility" today.. This is day 5 of high and DOC14 (day of cycle) C'mon lh surge, damn! In other news, I put together a goodie basket for my SIL for transfer and 2ww.. Not a surprise since I asked her to send me a list of things she likes, LOL! I guess she doesn't exactly know I am making her a basket, but I'm sure she figures I asked for a reason... I am struggling with the card!! I bought a simple "Thank You" card, because I want to write something in it, but I don't even know where to start.. How do you thank someone for this kind of gift?! I keep starting to write and I just put the pen down.. I think I am gonna type it out first then hand write it in the card once I like what it says.. I tell her THANK YOU all the time and she says "Oh, stop it's all good" but dude, really? How can I stop!?!?! I...Can't.... So I am sitting here with a splitting headache and still haven't figured out what to write.. Maybe something like "C" we love you and will not ever find the words to let you know how much we appreciate you and what you are doing for us. BUT, if you ever need a kidney or part of a liver, I'm your girl. ;-) How's that sound? :-D I could just write THANK YOU in it until I run out of space... Ah well... Back to it I go.. Oh and BOB Harper is THE DEVIL! OMG!! That freaking Biggest Loser game is Yes, ass needs THAT MANY S's in it! DUDE... That game is the real deal.. I don't even think it can be called a game because there was NOTHING FUN about it! BUT, I burned a shit load of calories and lost another LB! So Bob knows his shit.. I get to rest tomorrow, but back at it for 5 days in a row after that! :-/


  1. That card sounds perfectly like you: if you need a kidney or liver I'm your girl. LOL! I'm sure the words will come.

  2. Fingers crossed for a prompt surge!

    I think anything you say on the card will be perfect, really.

    You're so inspiring with your weightloss!!

  3. Wow, a card. My last journey I never even got so much as a spoken "thank you". So, you're WAAAAAY ahead in my book! LOL

    Write from your heart. :)

  4. Nini- You know me oh so well! ;-)

    Marissa- Thanks girlie, I need all the luck I can get! I am SO hoping to get down to the size I was when dh and I were dating!

    Jesse- Say it ain't so!! Girrl, my baskets are kind of the bomb! They are loaded with all my SILs faves and hpts! I would normally put giftcards for eating out in it, but since I am going to be down there for ET, I plan on stocking their fridge and cooking some meals to freeze :) You were robbed, not cool!

  5. I've been putting off writing a letter to my egg donor and I'm sure my surrogate card will be really hard too. I did write a note to my first egg donor and I just started writing and the words came out. So just write something on some scratch paper and I bet you'll get your feelings to come through. And that's awful, Jesse! Sorry to hear that.


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