Monday, January 16, 2012

Small Panic, But it's All Good

I got a text Saturday night from "C", my SIL saying, "Dude, I totally messed up the days of when my AF was coming, it's not the 23rd, it's MONDAY, hope this doesn't mess anything up, I'm really sorry!" I sent back: "FUUUUUUUCK.." Enter panic mode. Why you ask? Because her meds won't arrive until TUESDAY. So after a small hissy fit and a quick search of the interwebz and some texting with my good friend and smartest experienced surro I know Rebekah and I told "C" to take another active bcp and let's call the clinic Monday. By doing this, we delayed AF until Tuesday or Wednesday, so no harm no foul. Talked to the nurse today and she said, she will start more bcp on day 3 of her cycle and then add lupron in later, so it was all fine if she started Monday, we just didn't know since we have no calendar. Why no calendar, you ask? (I know y'all are yelling at the screen now saying "WTF, where is your calendar!?") because I am NOT doing bcp this go round. RE feels they will over suppress my old ass ovaries, so we are doing a mid luteal lupron protocol. I am tracking ovulation and once I have my LH surge (ovulate) I have bloodwork done a week later. If my lh is greater than 8 I will start lupron then. AND that's when we will get our schedule.. So we have about a week or so more before we are getting it.. If I am still alive by then, I feel on the verge of a heart attack anytime I get news, I am a preparer and do not like this flying by the seat of my pants thing, UGH! So, that's all I got for today. Oh and I am down a total of 10LBS! so about 16 more to go by the time I get to egg retrieval! I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN!


  1. Oh you aren't going to make this drama free, are you? Thinking good thoughts and fastening the seatbelt. 2012 is your year!

  2. I think I held my breath while I read that entire post. Whew!

    Nice job on the weight loss!! You go girl!!

  3. I am SO glad all is well - though I could kick your NC for putting you through all that - if she'd just told you that on Friday you wouldn't have had to have 911 on standby in case of heart attack!! :D I'm so glad all is well and things are moving forward!! HUGZZ!!!


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