Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weight Loss Update

Down 8.5lbs as of today! Still wanna lose 17.5lbs before I start stims so I am just watching my caloric intake and working out still 4x a week. I did add in whey protein mixed with ensure (as my meal) for the work out mornings, I am surprised that I like the taste! These workouts are KICKING MY ASS!! But I just keep telling myself, "no pain, no gain" or in this case no weight loss, LOL!! You never really know how out of shape you are until the day AFTER you work out.. WOW.. I wanted to remain in the fetal position crying.. Totally Pwned by an exercise program, for realz... But not for long! I plan on making this workout program my BITCH! So that's my update.

On the medical front. It seems the clinic wants me to have another test done (I already know I don't have sickle cell, but I shall do this anyway..) and they can't find my CF testing (even though I sent them my copy!) so I have to pick my record of that lab up tomorrow, will get lab for sickle cell done while I am already at the lab.. Claim is working it's way through the system (shows pending) so hopefully it shows PAID pretty quickly! SO that's the haps y'all!


  1. Get it girl! You're gonna lose the weight in time I just know it.

  2. Keep it going!! You are an inspiration!


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