Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes

Today I paid a HUGE chunk of the $7500.00 that our IVF cycle is costing.. $5,000.00 to be exact. Now we wait for the Flex Spending Account to process the claim and reimburse us the $4,000 max that we contribute for the year. Should take about two weeks for them to do this. So with that payment being made, the clinic KNOWS I am serious about moving forward ASAP. So I talked to the nurse and with my next LH surge (beginning of Feb) I am having my progesterone level checked and if it is greater than 8 I start Lupron!! My SIL should have her next AF around January 23rd. If it starts on time, she starts her next round of bcp and Lupron! then she is on those until she begins the estrace and vivelle patches which would be when I start stims, which means I am heading to TX SOON! Like less than 6 weeks like in about 4-5!!! OMG! I am SOOO happy things are moving along the way they are. Now I just need the stars to align and for the FSA people to be on top of their stuff so there are no delays!! That's my update! Should have our schedule early next week according to the nurse! IT'S HAPPENING!!!


  1. So happy things are moving along for you! :) And YAY to paying a good chunk of it off!

  2. Yahoo!!!! Yahoo to the big payment, Yahoo to flexible spending accounts (I'm a HUGE advocate for them) and Yahoo to moving forward!!! EEK!!

  3. So happy to hear things are moving along so quicky. It's so exciting, can't wait to read about that BFP!

  4. That's almost tomorrow!! So happy you've got this all under (extreme:) control and it's moving so efficiently!
    By the way, I've been meaning to say your SIL must be almost as amazing as you for what she's doing. Your kiddo must have a super cool fam waiting :)

  5. Sarah- Thanks!!

    Jesse- I cannot believe we didn't do this before!?! I didn't even know about it!

    Whitney- Thanks!!

    Bobbie- I can't wait to read about y'alls either! Thanks girlie!

    K- I know!! It feels like tomorrow! My SIL is amazing.. She has just the right amount of snark too,;-) this is gonna be an awesome journey!

  6. Girl you're gonna be in TX before you know it.


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