Friday, January 13, 2012

Who Said Friday The 13th was Bad Luck??

NOT THIS GIRL! GUESS WHOSE CLAIM GOT PAID TODAY?? YUP MINE! BOOYAH! I CANNOT believe it! That was so damn fast! In fact it was SO fast, I don't think my direct deposit paperwork had time to go through! Methinks they mailed me a check but guess what? I DONT CARE CUZ THEY PAID!! Ok.. I'm finished being insane.. Hubby wasn't happy when I ran in the bedroom and woke him up at 9AM considering we just went to bed at 2:30AM, LOL! Sorry dude, I was excited! Someone texted me and woke me up at 8:30am so since I had to pee anyway (yes I tells all my bidness!) I figured lemme check and see what's up with our claim... Lucky day indeed.. NOW.. I can't say all that without saying the bad part... Remember that lab I said my clinic lost? Welllll, when I went for the other lab to have it drawn I shot over to records to pick up a copy. Turns out THEY LOST IT TOO! WTF!?!?! So the results never got put into my file with the lab and they have to try and remember where the hell they even sent the lab off to (DUMBASSES!) so now I have to call my old RE (AWKWARD) and say "I need another copy of that Cystic Fibrosis lab" OR have it redone OR have my new RE send for my entire records file to get the one lab.. So...Much...Bullshit.. For one damn test! So I spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening cussing out folks at my husbands sister hospital.. Whatev's it's their bad for losing my damn results! The REAL reason it's lost with the lab is because they never billed my insurance for it! Why you ask? Because originally when I had it drawn with about 8 other labs, those dimwits drew the test ABOVE the CF lab (EVEN THO CF BOX WAS CLEARLY CHECKED!) and when I called them on it, they said "Oh, we are so sorry, ummm... we won't charge you for this other test since it was our mistake" then proceeded to draw my blood send it off and fax results to RE and never input it so as not to be found out regarding their incompetence.. Funny part is, everyone associated with that day NO LONGER WORKS IN THE LAB! Niiiice... So yeah.. No idea how this is gonna play out.. I can't believe the RE's office freaking lost their copy anyway! NOT COOL...

But I am NOT gonna let that ruin my day, I'm too happy! So hopefully this weekend keeps on getting better! Enjoy peoples!


  1. Girl you are one step closer! Call the old RE for the records, they are yours doesn't matter if you don't see him anymore they are your records! It will be easier than trying to find the labs lost records, especially if they faked the orders. Things are moving right along Hal A Frickin Lu YA!

  2. hey..i am so glad the 13th was such an awesome day!!!

  3. All this drama over one test, these people need to get it together!! Soooo glad you got paid girl!


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