Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3rd Monitoring Appt for SIL

SIL had her monitoring appt this morning to measure her lining.. DRUM ROLL..................11.5mm!! BOOYAH! So she is good to go for transfer day! Now we just gotta get the go ahead for me to trigger (IT HAS TO BE TOMORROW!!) and get to egg retrieval I'm praying Friday! Will update on my results tomorrow when I get them. Super bloated over here ready to get these eggs retrieved!


  1. Great news! Everything seems to be going perfect!
    Fingers crossed for lotsa plump eggs :)

  2. Such exciting news! I'm hoping we're both inducing lactation soon!

  3. Girl you about to put Egglands Best out of business!! Lol! You know I'm praying for those high numbers for you tomorrow. I'll check in with you after my appointment.


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