Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lupron does not fight fair

I thought I was special and was not having any side effects from the lupron.. HA! Yeah right!! I woke up last night several times to some of the worst hot flashes ever!!! OMG!! At one point hubby got up to turn our ceiling fan off since it got down to 30 outside (yes in FL, cruel right!?!) I popped up and said turn that back on NOW! Sorry sweetie, but the lady getting jabbed with the needles wins, every..time.. so he shivered and i basked in the warm,lol! I will say I will take this over the headaches any day.. But man when you aren't expecting it, holy cow! This is my fourth time on lupron and the first time I have haf the flashes, i always get the headaches, so we shall see how the rest of my lupron sentence goes! Stims start in less than a week!!!


  1. If they get too bad, take a damp wash cloth to bed with you, they are my saving grace when i'm having hot flashes (i'm post surgically induced menopause). Ash said the headaches from Lupron were hell!

  2. hopefullu lots and lots and lots of water can help keep you cool! good luck Tonya...i hope it gets better!


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