Monday, February 6, 2012

Lupron Take Trois

Who says 13 isn't a lucky number?! I sure don't! My progesterone level needed to be over 8 in order to start and it was 13 BOOYAKASHA! Aaaand we're OFF! Hubby has put in his leave request at work and now we just count down the days until it's time to gas up and head out! Not too much going on other than finishing up last minute packing and bills to make sure my house runs well while I am gone.. I am super tired, as I am working on about 4.5hrs of sleep, so I am making this one short and sweet! Will keep y'all updated of course! :) Til next time!


  1. Glad everything is moving right on schedule! I'm sure you'd be kickin' butts into line if it were not ;)

  2. K- And you know it! ;-)

    Michael- I'm sure gonna try!


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