Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monitoring Appt 3 and Follicle Check

I had my THIRD monitoring appointment earlier today! RE measured 20 follicles! He is super pleased with my progress so far! Tonight will be my 8th day of medication. He kept my dosage the same and thinks egg retrieval will be Thursday now instead of Friday! I also found out my SIL lining was 6mm on 2/22 when she had her sonogram done. RE said he would have liked to see it at 7mm by then so that is why he doubled her estrace and added it in vaginally. Will update later with my e2 level!!

UPDATE: Got my E2 back it's 1267!! That's after 7 days of stims, I didn't hit this level until 10 or more days previously! I am a VERY HAPPY girl! :) :)

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  1. Holy crap, girl! You're responding like you're 23 years old!!! I have so much faith in your eggs!


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