Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stim Day 2

Second day of shots down. The shots are hurting worse this time than I remember previously. AND I am bruising faster this time, so yeah not the awesomest of times.. BUT I can definitely feel something going on in there.. Since my dose is much higher than I have ever had I am hoping it is jump starting my ovaries. Tomorrow is my First monitoring appt, which will be blood draw only (e2 or estradiol level) and after that they will instruct me on if my dose stays the same or increases. The weather here in Dallas/Irving/Austin (the places I have visited thus far) has been COLD and WINDY! Definitely could have stood to pack some warmer clothes, so I might have to hit a store while I am here (plus none of my clothes fit, OH YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! :-D ) Overall this trip has been pretty great so far, much more relaxed this time around than previous cycles and no stress from my clinic (always a good thing!) SO we are very hopeful that this cycle will be THE ONE! Will update when I have my labs back from monitoring!


  1. Can't wait to hear your E2 levels!

  2. Will be watching for lab update!! I can't wait to hear how this cycle goes! :)


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