Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 3 Update

Just got the call from embryology, ALL 9 are growing great still today! I asked her what cells they are and she said they are 8-12 cells today! She said that was great and we are definitely on track for day 5 Wednesday. I am so relieved, these waits are so brutal!! Now we need to make it to transfer and then beta! Atleast I can have some wine now! :-) Will update after transfer! Thanks for your continued support and prayers everyone!!!


  1. Double yay! You have been through soooo much. This is your cycle! I am thrilled that it is going so well, so far. I will keep you in my thoughts, as transfer day and Beta day fast approach:o)

  2. So wonderful!!!!

    Fingers crossed for 9 perfect blasts!

  3. I've been silently reading and watching,hoping and praying...I've got a good feeling!


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